Hope through Winter

Support for your household this winter is available through the Hope Centre in a range of ways. 

The first step in accessing help is to be a Hope Centre member. If you're not already registered, complete the membership application form on this page then call into the Hope Centre or phone to get your membership card and number. Alternatively, pop into the Hope Centre. 


Help with food

Through the winter, Hope Centre Gold members can continue to do a weekly shop at the Hope from just £3. But we realise at Christmas time this just won't cut it! 

From 13th - 23rd December the Hope shop will be stocked with all the essentials plus tonnes of Christmas goodies and treats. Meats, cheeses, loads of fresh foods and plenty to keep you going over the Christmas period. 

The Christmas big shop is available for all Hope Centre members and and is available for an optional donation of £5. Use the form below to book your shopping day. 


Help with toys

For families who are struggling with the cost of toys for your own children this Christmas, we can help. After registering with the Hope Centre, complete the form below and we'll be in touch to arrange a time for a visit to the toy workshop, where you can choose a number of items from a huge selection of brand new toys. We'll also arrange a chat with one of our team about what other help and support we can offer you. 


Emergency help

Why is it that emergencies only happen when we're completely out of money? If you're in a difficult financial situation and need help with essential items you can request help using the form below. Please note if you need help with utilities we will ask you to contact Trafford Assist for support first. If they're unable to help, we will look at whether there's anything we can do to help you. 


As well as the things above, you can use the form below to request support with:

- a fresh meal on Christmas day

- an appointment to chat to one of our advisors about your situation

- help with your garden or DIY in the home (from January)

- something else