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Emergency Help

Support for your household is available through the Hope Centre in a range of ways. 

The first step in accessing help is to be a Hope Centre member. If you're not already registered, complete the membership application form on this page then call into the Hope Centre or phone to get your membership card and number. Alternatively, pop into the Hope Centre. 

Emergency Support

Why is it that emergencies only happen when we're completely out of money? If you're in a difficult financial situation and need help with essential items, you can request help by contacting the Hope Centre using the details below, or by popping into the Hope Centre to speak to a member of staff. 

We have a small household support fund to help those who find themselves in difficult financial situations with nowhere left to turn. Please try Trafford Assist first if you can. If not, contact our team who will help.

Our team will do our best to help with items, either by providing new or helping to source recycled items. We may be able to help with white goods, energy top-ups, Debt Relief Order cost, essential travel, carpet (1 room), furniture, clothing, food.

If you need help with something related to your child (school stuff, food, clothing, birthday toys) please see the Children page. For everything else please complete the form below and someone will be in touch or pop in. If we are unable to help you ourselves, we can direct you to other local support services.

Hope Centre Support Request form

Complete the form here. Your request will be sent on to our team who will be in touch. 


What emegency help are you looking for?
Select an option

Thanks for your request. This has been forwarded to the Hope Centre team who will review and get in touch. Please note working hours are 9.30am-4pm Mon-Fri and Sat 9.30am-1pm

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