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What is Feel Better Partington?

Feel Better Partington is a programme where organisations across Partington are working together to help local residents to Feel Better and move towards better health - especially those living with long-term health conditions.  If you have a long-term heart or lung condition, or diabetes, or you are at risk of developing these issues, read on because Feel Better Partington is just for you!

Which organisations are involved?

Local partners are working together to help you improve your health, and to start allowing you to Feel Better.  The partners are:

Age UK Trafford

Be Active Urmston


Foundation 92 (commonly known as F92)

Hidden Treasure Trust (commonly known as the Hideaway or the Hope Centre)

Partington Family Practice 

Trafford Leisure


Why not visit our Feel Better Partington Team page to find out more about the people who will be assisting you.


How does it work?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  You are one of a kind, and so is your story.  Your wins are yours and your journey is unique to you.  Our partners, experts and champions will be with you all the way, advising, supporting, and encouraging you through a wide range of services and activities to help you improve your health, and to Feel Better. 

What does the programme involve?

To start with, you will need to make small doable changes and positive steps that are right for you and your situation.  We can help you address any barriers you may be facing, find some easy wins and identify some positive steps you can make to improve your health and wellbeing, which will allow you to start enjoying all the benefits that this brings.  There is no pressure, when you have conquered a few small things, you may feel confident to take on a bigger challenge, and we can help and support you all the way.

What steps can I begin to take?

Partington residents who sign up to the Feel Better Partington programme can benefit from any combination of the following:  

  • 1-1 sessions to help address some of your more urgent non-health related problems,

  • Personal mental health support,

  • Support groups,

  • Low-level fitness and wellbeing courses,

  • Help to stop smoking,

  • Access to leisure and fitness classes and training,

  • Cooking classes,

  • Money and healthy living advice,

  • Help to join other local fitness and activate wellbeing and hobby groups.

Why not visit our activities and services page for more information?

How do I join the Feel Better Partington programme?

If you have a long-term heart or lung condition, or diabetes, or you are at risk of developing these issues, and you wish to start receiving help in taking positive steps to improve your health and to Feel Better, you can click here to complete our on-line referral form.  Alternatively, anyone can complete the referral form on your behalf, including any of our partners listed above.

The referral form will ask some basic questions about you, such as contact details and your health situation.  This information will allow us to contact you and understand a little about your circumstances.  Our privacy policy offers further details about why we are collecting data from you, how we intend to use this, and who we will share it with. The referral form also has a consent section, as we need your permission to store and use your data before you can benefit from the Feel Better Partington programme.

What will happen once I submit the referral form?

Once your referral form is submitted, Paul, who is a member of our team will contact you to discuss your circumstances, and then guide you to the most suitable steps you can take to start improving your health and to Feel Better.  Once you are happy with the steps being suggested, we will contact our relevant partner(s) who will contact you to discuss their services or activities in more detail.  Please remember, we do not force you to do anything, you can choose to undertake one activity at a time, or you can do more than one at a time.  It is what is best for you that counts.  We want you to take the steps you are happy with to improve your health.

We are also aware that you may face some barriers or roadblocks in your life.  Though poor health is an issue for lots of people, we realise that for many it is just another matter on a long list – and quite often it is not the most urgent one.  Paul can also help you to identify your non-health related issues, and then assist you to address these directly, or he can signpost you to an appropriate agency for specialist help.  In taking positive steps to sort out these barriers or roadblocks, you should find it easier to start focusing on improving your health, which in turn will help you to Feel Better. 

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