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Trafford resident membership

Membership now open to Trafford residents outside M31

The Hope Food Pantry is at The Hideaway and a place where struggling households can do a weekly shop of food and essentials for either £3.50 or £5 for a large bag. Until now the Pantry has been limited to M31 residents only however for the first time we are widening access to all Trafford residents who are struggling against the effects of poverty at this time. 

Spaces are initially limited and will be released gradually to ensure that we can manage stock and look after all our members as needed. 

How does it work?

Membership costs £6 for the year. Once registered as a member, your pass will allow you to visit the Food Pantry every week where you can choose your own items from the shelves and fridges. A standard bag of items currently costs £3.50 (and has a value of £15-£20) and a large bag is £5 (with a value of £25-£30). If members are really struggling and can't afford the cost of the bag, there is a pay-it-forward post-it scheme where you can grab a post-it note that's been pre-paid by someone else and pay with that instead. 

Who can use it?

As a charity we're required to ensure that anyone benefitting from our services are in genuine need of help. We know that right now everyone's situation is different, and means-testing or benefits checks are not necessarily the only way to prove that you are struggling. The criteria we usually use is as follows:

       - Have children entitled to Free School Meals

       - Are considered to be a low-income household

       - Struggle to pay your basic living costs on a regular basis for reasons beyond your control

Upon applying we will arrange for you to come in and have a chat with one of our team about your current situation, both to check that you are in genuine need of help and because our knowledgeable team may also have access to other services who can help with other areas you may be struggling. 

We're here to help those in need, not to judge or make people jump through hoops to get help. If you feel you are struggling to make ends meet and would benefit from using the Hope Pantry regularly, please complete the form below and have a chat with our team. 

Is there other help available locally?

The Hope Centre is one of 6 Trafford Community hubs which provide a range of support for all Trafford residents. If you are struggling in any area and need advice, financial support, a listening ear, a food bank voucher or simply pointing in the right direction, please also get in touch with your local community hub for help in your area. 

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