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Hope Green

Hope Green is the name of our community project which covers a range of green activities, all for the community and its residents.

Gardening support

Our team are there to support residents with their gardens and green spaces. They can do basic garden maintenance, larger clearances, and basic labour around the garden. The charge is:

£10 per person for 30 minutes

Additional charge if clearing waste is required

If Hope Centre members are unable to afford the charge but need help, a subsidised rate of 50% discount may apply. Contact the Hope Pantry to request this additional help. 

Community allotment

The team are working with volunteers from the community to develop a new community allotment at the back of People's Church Partington on Chapel Lane. This large piece of land will be used to grow food for the community via the Hope Pantry and develop a community garden. If you enjoy gardening and would like to spend time working with other local people on this community project, we would love for you to get involved. Contact Darren for more information. 

Men's shed project

Each week in the Hope Centre our new Men's shed will be meeting to build, fix and upcycle furniture. It's a great social opportunity for men in the community to get stuck in and build things together. If you would like to get involved, find out more or donate furniture, we would love to hear from you! 

Tool library

We have a range of tool packs available for gardening which can be borrowed by local residents. If you would like to borrow a tool pack for a week, simply get in touch. 

Volunteering days

We're often approached by both the housing association asking for help and businesses offering volunteering days. At least one day each month we aim to bring all of these together with a big garden clearance day to help residents who are vulnerable or struggling and at risk of losing their home. If you can offer  a day either as part of your work place volunteer programme, or on a regular basis simply to be helpful, we would love to hear from you. 

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