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Hope Centre

We use a membership system to help ensure those receiving help truly need it. Our goal is to ensure everyone that needs help can receive it. We don't means test and you don't need to receive certain benefits, but we are required by the charity commission to make a few basic checks to ensure those getting help are in need of it. 

Who can receive help?

You can join the Hope Centre if you:

      - Live in Partington, Carrington or Warburton (complete the form below). 

      - Live in Trafford (limited spaces available. Click here)


And are any of the following:

       - Have children entitled to Free School Meals

       - Are considered to be a low-income household

       - Struggle to pay your basic living costs on a regular basis for reasons beyond your control

If you believe you are eligible for membership, please complete the form below and call or email the Hope Centre to make an appointment to complete your registration. Our team member will have a chat about your circumstances, advise whether there are any additional services or schemes that you may benefit from and complete your membership.

What does it cost?

Membership costs £6 per household for the year. If you are in a difficult situation and need membership, but are unable to cover the cost, please speak to our team about this during your appointment. 

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