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Sometimes a freshly prepared, healthy, hearty meal is just the ticket. In our Hideaway Kitchen we prepare a range of delicious meals just the way you like them, and now they're available for you too!

From 7th November, The Hideaway will be providing freshly prepared hot meals six evenings a week to anyone that needs them. The meals are available for delivery, collection or to eat in at The Hideaway. There's a choice of meals each day and they should be pre-ordered for the week by 12 noon each Monday. Meals can also be ordered as a one-off takeaway style.

This aims to help you save money through not having to use your oven and reducing food waste, as well as ensuring that you have a delicious hot meal to look forward to each day.


6 hot meals for one person - £23

6 hot meals for two people (12 meals total) - £40

£5.95 per meal pay as you go


Orders must be completed by 12 noon Monday.

Paper order forms are available from The Hideaway reception desk and the Hope Centre.

You can also call 0161 660 0299 to order.


Jacket potatoes and beef burgers are available everyday.

In addition to this, there will be a different special available each day of the week.

Jacket Potato -  with a choice of two toppings from cheese, beans, tuna mayo, ham and bacon. Served with a side salad and coleslaw.

Beef Burger - with a choice of toppings from cheese, mushroom, lettuce, BBQ sauce, and relish. Served in a bun with fries, a side salad and coleslaw.

Specials for week commencing Monday 19th December:

Monday - Pizza

Tuesday - Pasta bolognaise with with garlic bread

Wednesday - Sausage and mash with onion gravy

Thursday - Macaroni cheese with garlic bread

Friday - Corned beef hash with garden peas

Saturday - Meatballs with pasta and garlic bread

Please see order forms for allergen information.


Delivery will be from 5.30pm each day (please make sure you are at home for this).

Collection is strictly at 5.30pm each day from The Hideaway.

Containers must be rinsed and returned to the delivery driver / The Hideaway the following day.

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